Name: Hjerteknuser Daniel Kenneth

Called: Kenny

Breed: Maine Coon

Colour: Red Blotched Tabby 

Born: 17.02.2001

Died: 18.09.2007



About Kenny

Kenny was a very lovely male.

He opened his eyes with 6 days, looked at me, and decided, to stay for ever.

Kenny was always at my side. Hugging me, he was sleeping beside me.

Also his „girls“ were licked by him with love. Kenny was showing a very intensive glowing red.

He was named by the breeder of his mother and her husband, Danielle and Kenneth Villefrance.

Kenny always expected me behind the housedoor, when I came home. At the evening of the 18th of september 2007 he didn't. I knew at that moment, that destiny also took that cat away of me. Kenny died obviously at the moment, when he stood up in the curve, to run to the housedoor. He was still totally warm and soft. Megan was sitting in front of the curve, shocked to death. The examination of my vet showed clinical HCM. The gene-test at Laboklin showed, that also Kenny was heterozygote positive.

We all were totally shocked. Specially Megan was suffering terrible.

My little bear, destiny wasn't fair with us. Somehow life disappeared with You out of the house. But finally You are having a male friend at Your side again: Charly. And You can play and cuddle again with Your sisters.



Name: Hjerteknuser Vivien Leigh

Called: Vivi

Breed: Maine Coon

Colour: Black Mackerel Tabby

Born: 17.02.2001

Died: 19.12.2006



About Vivi

The year 2006 ended the same terrible way, as it begun, with the death of Vivi.

Vivi was the firstborn kitten of Megan, born the 17th of february 2001. She was unbelievable soft, quiet and patient. And she was a huge cat with a thick big head and enormous strong legs and bones. Whoever saw her in real life or on photos, was sure, she must be a male. Her weight was about 10kg.

She had a blatteroperation because of calciumoxalatstones and seemed to be very fit again. The day before we were at my vet for a check and specially the heart sounded totally normal.

Then the shock for all of us, when she suddenly started, to scream extremely loud and in panic. I was running up to her and she looked at me, laying on the side, totally pale and screaming. At that moment I felt, that I would loose her. Also Megan was alarmed because of the screaming and was sitting helpless at her side.

Within 15 minutes we reached the vet. Vivi’s body temperature was down to 31 degrees, she was dehydrated, pale and had water in her lunges. My vet told me, that she was on her way, to die, but tried everything, to save her. Her blood levels were totally normal, no signs for problems with kidneys, lever or of an infection. Ultrasound and x-ray showed the diagnosis: HCM! Almost no more volume left, strong thickening on the left side of the heart.

We tried, to stabilize her with infusions, heart- and dewateringtablets, but the death was stronger. We decided, not to let her suffer and put her to sleep a few hours later.

My whole life I will see her big eyes in front of me, when she looked at me. And neverever will I forgot her terrible screaming. She must have had enormous pains because of the HCM (maybe a thrombus). It was pure horror!

So quiet, as Vivi always has been, it became afterwards in my house. Megan, Kenny and Bonita didn’t leave my side for days. They didn’t cry this time; they were just terrible quiet and sad and took only a little food.

Little bumblebee, there is an endless emptiness in the house, since You are not here anymore.

You have always been only lovely and patient. Let Your sister Scarlett teach You, how to fly in heaven and then show it to us, when we are together again one day.

Name: Hjerteknuser Scarlett O'Hara

Called: Scarlett

Breed: Maine Coon

Colour: Tortie Blotched Tabby

Born: 17.02.2001

Died: 01.01.2006



About Scarlett

Scarlett was born the 17th of february 2001 in my first litter. She was always happy, in a good mood and “flying” through the house. She was a clown and a spoiled southstate-beauty and with her type and her temper the fulfilling of every breeder dream. Breeders and pet-owners just loved her. And she loved every human being and every animal, without being afraid of something and with an enormous self-confidence. With her red flame on the nose and her very much and extreme red for me she was the most beautiful torbie of the world.

The first of January 2006 I went to bed in the morning, Scarlett was playing through the house After I was standing up some hours later, she was laying in the door of the room, where she was born. And I knew immediately, the new year just begun terrible for me with her death.

The autopsy of my vet, histology and pathology said a clear result: HCM. Her heart had a weight of 40g and almost no volume left. The gene-test at Laboklin showed that she was heterozygote positive for HCM. By the way, she was the first positive cat at Laboklin at all.

Never had I expected that on Scarlett, so active, that she has been. And her body showed that she died during her play, without fight.

We all are missing her terrible. Especially Megan and Kenny, although they had the opportunity, saying goody-bye the whole night, they were crying for days. Megan even lost her voice for days, so much she was crying after her daughter and girl-friend.

Scarlett was beautiful like a sun-downer. And now the sun went down for us forever. But in heaven she is finally having enough space to fly.

My special thank is going to Danielle and Kenneth Villefrance (Ailuro) and Anette Melchior (Milinocket), which where standing at the side of me and my beloved cats, and helped us, to come out of that valley of tears. Breeders and very good friends, being honest and whom I could always trust.

Little doll, we are all so sad and lonely without you. But we know, that you are now at Charly and Kitty, and one day we will all be together again

Charly was my first Maine Coon. He was born the 22th of april in 1986. Charly had a pedigree, but it was lost by one of his several owners. I knew him, since he was 8 years old and got him 3 years later.

Everybody was impressed by his wonderful green eyes. He was unbelievable social and lovely.

My kittens were „nursed“ by him. He was Kenny’s best friend. As we had to put him to sleep the 16th of march in 2003 with almost 17 years, Kenny was at his side and was crying for him several weeks.


Kitty was my first cat. She was born the 31th of may in 1980. Seven years later I got her.

Kitty died the 12th of june in 1998 with 18 years. Even today it es still painful.

The last year of her life she lived together with  me  and  Charly.