Andrika von Wetenborn

What has a dog to do with the homepage of cats?

Very much!

Rika is a wonderful female dog, born the 14th of June in 1995.

She is used to cats at her breeders, from the first day on she protected all of our cats. For hours she was sitting fascinated in front of the birthcage at the kittens.

When I got Megan, Megan wasn’t used to dogs. But she loves Rika.

Whenever I am coming home with Rika from a walk, Megan and Robin are coming and saying hello to Rika, wiping themselves at her and purring.


Ailuro´s Megan

Megan is a dreamful and beautyful cat.  Her father, WW and EC Milinocket’s Pinky Floyd inherited his deep glowing colours to her.

When I saw Megan at her breeder the first time with 15 weeks, I was lost. I loved her from the first moment on. When sie came to me, she owned me, the other cats, the dog and the house immediately.

Megan is an enormous tender cat.

When she got her first litter, from the first day on the other cats and the dog were allowed, to have contact to the kittens. She nursed her kittens full 3 months. When two of her five kittens left the house with 3 months, she cried for them for several days.

Megans wonderful colours are glowing, like being dusted with gold-powder.

In the years, she is living at me, I made so wonderful experiences with her. Sure she also made the experience of the terrible death of her daughters Scarlett and Vivi and her son Kenny together with me. Specially the death of Kenny really broke her heart.

The birth of her kittens, and the adventure, to share the joy of her motherhood with me, has been the biggest present, I have ever got in my life. And for that I will always adore her.

Our communication is a very own language, only existing between us, and she knows, that it is only meant for her. In her own cat language, but also in Danish. And even after all that years, she is enthuastic loving the smell of a package, coming from her breeder or her family, when I am coming from a visit there. She is taking a bath for days in that special smell. Although I have no doubt, that she is loving me the way, I am loving her, and giving back my love for her thousand times every day.

We searched for each other and found us.

All experiences, positive and negative, made our connection more closer.

Megan is gorgeous like a praying. For me she is the perfect Maine Coon and the reason, why I love that breed.

She is the cat of my life, and nothing and nobody can ever top that.



Ailuro's Rock Robin

Robin was planed as a male friend for Kenny. But when I fell in love with him, Kenny died.

Robin is not a replacement for Kenny. For that he self is a much to strong personality. Always in a good mood, playful and everlasting kitten. Curiosity is his second name. Robin is cuddling without mercy, but also very self-confident and totally fearless. Only microwave and vacuum-cleaner can stop his activities. He loves to catch socks and shirts (also toes under the bed-plaid).

On the other hand is Robin very lovely and demanding the right to cuddle.

One could compare him to a hyperactive child.

But Robin is more. He brought back joy, life and sun into the house. Okay, he is teasing Bonita, riding on her, but he is having respect of Megan and licking her. And he loves the dog.

Robin is following me, whatever I am doing. Better said, it is impossible, to do something without him. But especially for that I love my "lille dreng".

Important for me is also, that Robins parents are tested negative on the MyBPC-3 mutation for HCM. On the contrary to my own kittens he can't die because of that genetic disease. And what that means for me, can only understand somebody, who made the same experience.



Beverly v. Golzheim

„Bonita“ is a very soft cat.

Because of a mistake of her breeder we got her with the papers of her sister Beverly. But our Bonita is honouring the meaning of her name „the beauty“. Her sister, the official Bonita von Golzheim, is the mother of the kittens-father. So Bonita is the „great-aunt“ of our kittens.